Esperanza is a careful translator who organises herself perfectly to deliver on time and with quality. She has great skills as technical translator but she can also adapt to other sort of texts because her knowledge of Spanish is really good.

Carmen Salomón, Project Manager, Bluechip Translations, S.L.

Esperanza is a highly qualified translation professional, methodical and detail-oriented, with a broad vision of the localization industry, capable of adapting to any project requirements and always delivering great quality!

Olga López, Senior Language Specialist, iDISC Information Technologies, S.L.

I have been lucky enough to working with Esperanza in several projects since she started her career. She is a detail oriented and precise person, you can be sure she will check everything twice before delivering. She has a great commitment and put all her efforts in all her jobs. Her language knowledge is remarkable and if we speak about learning capacity, I’m sure she will surprise you. I’m sure she is the professional you are looking for.

Judith Hita, English, French and Italian to Spanish freelance translator

We experienced Esperanza to be an extremely skillful professional, with outstanding linguistic expertise. We worked with her on several assignments all to great satisfaction. She may be considered a safe bet for anyone in search of EN=>ES translation services.

Joey Codrington, Project Manager, Founding Language